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August 20th, 2007EuroPaint #2 ResultsHere are the results from the second EuroPaint tournament.

1st - Opi! - PURE, Sprigger
2nd - Kdt^ - corny, wesslan
3rd - OTB - T3RR0R15T, Kongo, RowseR, Fuchs

You can discuss the results of the tournament in the forums here or visit the EuroPaint website for more details.  More tournaments are planned for the future, so stay tuned.  Keep in mind that while the tournaments are based in Europe, they are open to anybody with an Internet connection.
August 6th, 2007EuroPaint Cup Series #2The EuroPaint Cup Series has returned and is having its second 2 vs. 2 tournament on August 18th (the Saturday after next) at 16:00 BST (British Summer Time).  Visit for more details and registration.  Also check out the forum discussion about it to offer any input.
July 24th, 2007Digital Paint Cup ResultsThings were delayed a bit, but tournament mastermind XtremeBain came to the rescue to help make sure the first Digital Paint Cup was a success.

Here are the places:
1st - [20ID]
2nd - DaRkNeSs
3rd - College Court

More details are available on the GGC News Archive and the Digital Paint Forum.
July 3rd, 2007Digital Paint CupGlobal Gamers Center is hosting a 4v4 tournament for Paintball 2.  It will take place on July 14, 2007, but you need to get your team registered beforehand.  The tournament is sponsored by NVIDIA and offers prizes such as G15 keyboards, ThinkGeek gift certificates, and Nerf guns.  Visit for details.
June 27th, 2007Build 19 ReleasedThis is primarily a bug fix release to resolve some of the issues with the global login system.  It also simplifies the login interface a little.  By popular demand (or more accurately, popular complaint), I also included some Quake2 style crosshairs.  Crosshairs 11-13 are made to look like Quake2's crosshairs 1-3.  These were created from scratch to avoid any copyright issues (the reason I removed them in the first place).

Here's a complete listing of what has changed:
- Bugfix: Fixed incorrect password error when password is correct after using remember password or changing password. 5:58 PM 6/4/2007
- Bugfix: Fixed crash with invalid rscript files. 5:43 PM 6/5/2007
- Bugfix: Fixed crash on error resulting in shutdown or failure to load game module.
- Tweak: Cached DNS for communicating with login server to remove lag spikes.
- Tweak: Simplified profile/login menus. 2:37 AM 5/31/2007
- Media: Added crosshair 11-13 which look similar to crosshair 1-3 in Quake 2. 3:36 AM 6/5/2007
- Media: Fixed bug in soccer1.bsp where players could get launched out of the map with "pong_nokill" enabled. 3:23 AM 6/6/2007

Visit the files page to download it.
Global Login Database Goes LiveThe core features have been implemented.  Testing is done.  The critical bugs have been fixed.  This is the real deal now, hopefully.  If you registered an account before June 27th, 2007 8:00PM EST, you need to register a new account.  Only one account is allowed per person.  I will be enforcing this now.

News Archive
October `98 - September `98
August `98 - July `98
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