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December 24th, 2010A Little Christmas Present for You: PB2 Build 31It's Christmas, so I'm not going to bother with a big summary.  The most anticipated feature is probably the interpolated hitboxes.  (Note: you must play on a server running the new version to see this in effect).  The rest I'll leave in the release notes below.  Merry Christmas!  Be sure to post feedback here.

Client updates:
- Feature: Hid model when chasecamming in first person. 10:42 PM 11/2/2010 (thanks zuluzet)
- Bugfix: Fixed netgraph so it doesn't wrap around in resolutions above 1024 (will still wrap at resolutions above 2048). 11:40 PM 9/8/2010
- Bugfix: Fix for server password menu not coming up sometimes (resulted in a get_password-attack.txt error). 9:25 PM 9/16/2010
- Cvar: cl_drawclockx and cl_drawclocky - Adjust position of the clock. Default is "-1" on both commands = centered on the top of the hud (like build 30).
- Tweak: Names now default to "noname#####" (##### = random number) instead of "newbie".
- Tweak: Made things MT to help reduce game hitches.  1:04 AM 11/2/2010
- Tweak: Changed filename from demos started with arecord. It's now like the filename from the autodemo on a server.
- Tweak: Added the resolution 1600 x 900.
- Tweak: Increased number of screenshots to 9999.
- Tweak: Enabled archive flag for cl_swearfilter.
- Tweak: Added ftp:// support to the webload command.

Game server updates:
- Replaced .skm in model keys with .md2 so downloading code will work properly and people will get the .skp pose files as well. 10:19 PM 5/18/2010
- tdm_tugofwar cvar.  If enabled, when one team scores a point, the other team loses a point in team deathmatch. 2:30 PM 9/3/2010
- Interpolated hitboxes. 2:30 PM 9/3/2010
- Fixed chasecam text to update immediately when switching chase targets. 1:20 PM 9/10/2010
- "newbie" and "noname" will have random numbers assigned them to make cheaters and whatnot easier to locate in logs. 1:09 AM 9/14/2010
- g_autobalance now autobalances teams whenever somebody disconnects, changes teams, or a round ends.  Tries to find the best match of player score to team score ratios when selecting who to switch.  1:03 AM 11/2/2010
- Autorecord now waits 4 seconds after connect to hopefully stop issues where recording tries to start before level is loaded. 4:39 PM 11/6/2010
- Bug fix for "eating" paint grenades.
- Added build number to "players" command.
- Improved bouncing physics.
May 25th, 2010Paintball 2 Build 30 Released!This is mostly a bug fix and tweak build to hopefully resolve some of the issues people were having with Windows 7.

Client updates:
- Feature: Added a message box to inform people when they don't have proper hardware-accelerated OpenGL drivers installed.
- Bugfix: Fixed some errors that happen in old implementations of OpenGL.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash in rscripts for old hardware/drivers that don't support multitexture.  1:02 AM 4/14/2010
- Tweak: Made scores menu allow some game input (fixes issues if you have "score" bound to "tab"). 5:10 PM 5/2/2010
- Tweak: Switched to Visual Studio 2008 express.
- Tweak: Tweaked default volume and attenuation so sounds at a distance are easier to hear. 5/2/2010
- Media: Re-recorded carbine sounds at a different angle so they sound less clangy.
- Media: New menu screen for people that do not have a profile to hopefully make things less confusing.
- Media: Increased volume of grass footsteps.

Game server updates:
- Made the camera update looking at the killer while dead. 8:38 PM 2/19/2010
- Minor text tweaks for game mode displays.
- Made it so last player alive can't suicide with grenades. 12:32 AM 4/14/2010
- Switched to visual studio 2008 express.
- Added a volume to the chase camera trace so it doesn't penetrate walls. 6:16 PM 5/2/2010

Grab it on the files page.  Provide feedback on the forum.
February 19th, 2010Paintball 2 Build 29 Released!Build 28 had a couple small issues, so I never bothered with a public release.  The major feature since build 27 is surface-specific footstep sounds.  The standalone server browser now updates again and has some new features as well, such as passworded server icons and multiple language support.

More detailed list of feature updates:

- Feature: Surface specific footstep sounds.
- Feature/Bugfix: Multi-map demo support.  If you record a demo that spans multiple maps, the game now attempts to play all of them (may have issues with maps that are downloaded while recording). 12:14 AM 1/8/2010
- Feature: "measure" command.  Type "measure" at the console (or bind it to a key) to set a start point (where the crosshair is aiming).  Move the aim point and type it again.  It will output the distance between the points to the console (useful for mappers). 1:50 AM 1/6/2010
- Feature: First pass at certified server settings.  sv_certificated will show as "1" if servers have certified settings. (Thanks, T3RR0R15T)
- Bugfix: Fix for old scoreboard data/garbage staying on the scoreboard when switching servers.
- Cvar: s_nojump - disables jumping grunt sound and plays an extra footstep sound instead.  7:04 PM 7/19/2009
- Cvar: s_disableonalttab - Enabled by default to keep current behavior of disabling the sound when alt-tabbing out of the game window.  Not fully functional.  Setting it to 0 only seems to work for 3D sound. 12:16 AM 1/8/2010
- Cvar: sv_locked - If enabled, prevents new players from connecting (Thanks, T3RR0R15T/R1CH)
- Tweak: File lists are sorted. 1:53 AM 1/6/2010
- Tweak: Minor adjustments to footstep sounds.
- Tweak: Added new video resolutions (1920x1080, 1920x1440, 1366x768) (Thanks, T3RR0R15T)
- Tweak: Switched all falling sounds to use the basic land sound (pain grunts got annoying and they didn't really fit since there is no falling damage).  Also mixed in a surface-specific foot step sound so landing sounds more natural.  7:05 PM 7/19/2009
- Tweak: Defaulted s_resamplevolume to 0.35 so old sounds aren't louder than new sounds.

Go grab it on the files page.
July 13th, 2009Testing New SiteQuick post to see if news posts work on the new site.
April 30th, 2009Paintball 2 Build 27 Released!This is a somewhat minor release designed to fix the crouch death bug, but it has a few sound improvements on the client as well.

- Tweak: Added sleep to server loop to hopefully prevent crashed servers from eating all CPU.
- Cvar: s_resamplequality - If set, sound resampling will use a linear algorithm to improve quality of non-48khz sound files.
- Cvar: s_resamplevolume - Since new sounds are quieter to avoid clipping, old non-48khz sounds will be scaled down by this value (default is 0.5, 50%).
- Cvar: s_force48khz - Enabled by default, sound settings are forced to high quality (48khz).  If you wish to use
- Media: Surface specific splat sounds.
- Media: New 68 Carbine and VM-68 recordings.
- Media: Fixed admin map changing menu.

Provide feedback on the new version here.

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